Normally people get employed once they graduate from college and have got the qualifications. Unfortunately people don’t work forever due to old age which leads to retirement, that is why you need to have your own retirement savings by age so that when that time comes you are still able to pay your bills and meet other financial obligations.

Averagely by the age of 23 years old one should be off college and has started doing something to make a living. Between this age and your retirement age which is averagely 62 to 67 years old one should have already strategized on his or her expenditure and how he or she is going to save for the after retirement life. Although it is not easy to do this one has to be self discipline on how to spend money so as to save for future financial securities.

Retirement savings by age should begin as soon as you start earning enough cash and continue throughout your employment period, whereby enough cash should mean that after deducting cash to pay your bills and that which you need for daily survival you are able to remain with surplus cash whereby this is the one that you will be able to send to your savings account.

How much do you need to retire?

You can only achieve this by first of all saving then you spend the amount left after saving. This will not only enable you save but will also enable you plan how to spend the amount left with you. If you do this from time to time you definitely shall have saved enough money to spend even after you have retired.

The best way to ensure that you save a lot of money by age is to first and foremost set yourself a reasonable amount to save which you can meet monthly for instance you can start on with a 10% of your total earning then increase it with time by let’s say 1%.

Although you will be feeling the pinch at the begin with the more you add but after sometime you will get used to it. That is how you shall have saved for your retirement and when it comes you will be ready to face it with financial independence.

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