Privacy and hidden unlocking: iOS 14.5 is out

Privacy and hidden unlocking: iOS 14.5 is out

The new version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 14.5, has been made public. Highly anticipated, it offers users the choice of tracking personal data and the possibility of unlocking the iPhone with an Apple Watch.

Three days before the start of the pre-order period for its new iPad Pro, Apple is releasing an update to its operating system for mobile devices made in Cupertino. A rather important update compared to what the firm is used to offering.

Tracking on demand

Probably the biggest news in this iOS 14.5, Apple is introducing a new tracking option in the privacy settings. Until now, the Allow app tracking requests line allowed developers to ask the user if they were allowed to track them from the first launch. From now on, it’s up to you to choose directly whether you want apps to be able to track you. The stage of the request by the developers disappears.

However, if you want some apps to “suck” your data, you can grant them access. An option designed especially for apps that swallow more personal data than they should, especially for resale to third-party companies, allowing them to offer targeted ads. The choice is now yours. On this subject, Apple offers a short video explaining this new App Tracking Transparency quite well.

The Apple Watch complete with Face ID

The other big news of this update, which is not really a surprise since we already mentioned it last February, concerns the Apple Watch. To remedy the ineffectiveness of Face ID against a mask, the Watch can go into action without using a code. A feature to be activated directly from the smartphone in the setting dedicated to Face ID.

New voices for Siri and the addition of emojis

iOS 14.5 brings 14 new voices for the Apple voice assistant. In France, we are unfortunately not entitled to it, but Siri is no longer by default a female voice. When configuring, you can now choose between “voice 1” and “voice 2”. The assistant also gains in functionality as it can now announce incoming calls, which it did only for messages before. Siri can also initiate FaceTime group calls or iMessages groups (it remains to be seen whether the option will be available with third-party apps such as WhatsApp). Finally, the personal assistant can call your emergency contact upon request.

Emojis are getting a makeover. Those illustrating couples gain in customization and more skin colors are available. There is also an influx of new emoticons, with a flaming heart, an exasperated emoji and a bearded woman.