Nutrition, sport: 4 secrets of coaches stars of social networks to hold on before the return to normal life

Nutrition, sport: 4 secrets of coaches stars of social networks to hold on before the return to normal life

These daily habits are ideal for relieving the stress of the pandemic and successive confinements.

Having the opportunity to work out in a gym and having the support of a personal trainer is great. But have you tried working out in the comfort of your home or apartment in front of a screen at a time that suits you? Because of the current pandemic situation and the confinement, remote sports and wellness sessions have become more popular. Why? Because the need for balance and introspection has increased, due to the confinement that forces us to appreciate our own presence. Sissy and Victoire (wellness specialists and social network stars) give you 4 tips to hold on until the confinement ends!

Stay away from ultra-processed foods

In addition to being very high in calories, ultra-processed foods (sodas, deli meats, cookies …) do not satiate effectively. Worse still: their high level of saturated fatty acids, salt, sugar, can cause damage: overweight, obesity, cancers, depressive symptoms, digestive disorders, cardiovascular diseases… The solution? Living food, which consists in “eating raw, unprocessed and as little cooked as possible, in order to preserve as much as possible the vitamins and minerals present in living foods” says Victoire, online coach.

Practice meditation

Studies show that meditation helps reduce distracting and ruminative thoughts, improve attention, physical health and the quality of family and professional relationships. In previous confinements, Victoire (who has more than 194,000 subscribers on YouTube thanks to her health/wellness content) actually fell for this theme, in order to meet the new needs of her community (psychologically affected by the current health crisis). “I give them ways to get better, whether it’s through sports sessions, my sports programs or meditation sessions,” she confides.


We know how important physical activity is on a daily basis. Its benefits are numerous: anti-stress, improvement of sleep quality, muscular and immune strengthening… Physical activity has become all the more essential in these anxiety-inducing times. “Sport is essential to maintain your physical and mental health” explains Sissy, YouTube star of social networks (who has already gathered more than 80,000 people during one of her sports lives on Instagram) and founder of TSE. If it is essential, it is because during its practice, several hormones are released. Among them: endorphins (which have the function of controlling anxiety and reducing stress) and serotonin (which has a positive effect on mood and sleep quality).

Take some time to rest

To better cope with this anxiety-provoking period, it is also important to learn how to give yourself a real break. “Sometimes it’s good to do nothing,” explains Victoire. “Refocusing, listening to yourself and trying to understand what you really want and need is very important,” says the holistic therapist.