Car Loan Calculators 2020

Car Loan Calculators 2020

You must be shopping for a car since you need a car loan calculators. Rare is the individual who pays cash for a vehicle and drives off the lot. Most rely on car loans to purchase their ride.

However, a lack of understanding of the financial world and loans can leave many borrowers in over their heads. The sticker price states the cost of the vehicle and the borrower agrees to purchase the vehicle for that amount.

But the loan interest means that the borrower will actually pay much more than the sticker price dictates. To avoid the pitfall of borrowing more than one can afford, the car loan calculator is an invaluable tool.

Auto Loan Payment Calculator

It helps the lender understand how much of a loan they can afford by inputting the vehicle price and various interest rates. The interest rate and lender fees are crucial to the affordability of a car loan.

The lower the interest rate and finance charges, the lower the actual cost of the car after the loan has been paid off. By using a car loan calculator before shopping for a vehicle, a borrower will easily be able to decide which car is the most affordable, and also which lender can provide the best option for financing

What is the Formula for Calculating a Car Payment?


Price of Car
Finance Rate%
Less Deposit
Less Trade In Allowance

Monthly payment payment protection, presuming a typical APR of 11%

12 months/month
24 months/month
36 months/month
48 months/month
60 months/month
72 months/month
Total cost of the credit: €
Check/uncheck this box to view figures with/without Payment Protection