10 signs that you are eating too much fat

10 signs that you are eating too much fat

To know if you are eating too much fat, you just have to listen to your body. Yes, our skin, our intestine and even our brain try to let us know

Sometimes we try to be careful with what we eat, to have a rather healthy diet, but without knowing it we consume every day foods full of bad fats and they are usually the reason for an unexpected weight gain.

Despite this, our body sends us signals that are supposed to make us aware that our fat intake is too high, but if we don’t learn to decipher these messages it’s a waste of time.
How do you know if a food is too fatty?

When we try to improve our diet, the first step is to do better is shopping. But it can sometimes be a headache to understand the labels and determine if what you’re eating is too fatty or not. But there is a technique that will allow you to have a shopping cart free of high-fat foods.

If there are more than 10 g of fat per 100 g of product, then your food is considered fatty.

Of course you can allow yourself to introduce a few so-called fatty foods into your diet, but if it consists exclusively of that your health will suffer, so think about opting for a healthy diet!

You get sick often

Eating too much fat can damage immune health, making the body more fragile and making you sick more often.

You are depressed

An American study, conducted by Dr. Sophie Dutheil and Dr. Ronald S. Duman at Yale University, showed a correlation between eating a fatty diet and suffering from depression and/or anxiety.

You have gained weight

Probably one of the most effective ways to know if you are eating too much fat is to pay attention to your weight. Of course, don’t worry if you’ve gained 1 or 2 kilos, but if your weight has increased a lot in a short time, it may be that there is room for improvement in your diet.

You don’t sleep well

When you eat fatty foods, digestion takes much longer, which can cause sleep problems.

You have cellulite

It may be genetic for some people, but cellulite remains one of the physical indicators that can let you know if you are eating too much fat.

You have poor digestion

When you eat too much fat, you feel heavy and bloated. Well, that’s just because it makes digestion much more tedious than it would be if we were eating healthy.

Your stools are abnormal

Putting aside all the glamour, we pay a little more attention to our stools.

Yes, they can help you determine if your diet is too fatty.

If they float and/or look oily, you are eating too much fat.

You have acne

Foods that are too fatty act as sebum activators. As a result, your face receives the arrival of unwanted pimples.

Your cholesterol level is high

A diet that is too rich leads to an increase in the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

You have memory loss

A study conducted by researchers at Birmingham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, showed that people who consumed the most saturated fat tended to have poorer memory and cognitive abilities than people with healthy diets.