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Follow the golden rule

The golden rule is that there is no rule! Everyone is free to wear their bracelet on the arm they want. The only requirement is your comfort. Analyze your habits and make your choice.

Choose the watch side

If you want to match your jewelry to your watch, then the answer is obvious: wear it on this side. In theory on the left for most of you. And yes, let’s remember that the majority of the population (90%) is right-handed and therefore wears its watch on the left. A precision is necessary for the fans of watchmaking. Your pearl bracelet should enhance your watch but should not damage it. If you decide to put them on the same wrist, be careful not to scratch your watch with metallic pearls or charms. For more security, we recommend you for example to choose a wooden bracelet.


Ensure balance

What do we mean by “balance”? Some men may find the juxtaposition of a watch and a bracelet a little too blinged out. No problem, wear your bracelets on the opposite wrist. Besides, for the big watch lovers, we invite you to follow this advice.